The Handbook for Campus Threat Assessment & Management Teams

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One of the most practical and cost-effective measures a university or college can take to prevent violence and other abhorrent behavior on campus is to establish a Threat Assessment and Management Team. TSG Solutions’ book entitled, “The Handbook for Campus Threat Assessment and Management Teams” contains the following information:

  • Chapter 1: Definition and Purpose
  • Chapter 2: Mission and Guiding Principles
  • Chapter 3: Team Composition, Roles, and Responsibilities
  • Chapter 4: The Threat Assessment and Management Process
  • Chapter 5: Team Operations and Communication
  • Chapter 6: Information Sharing and Record Keeping
  • Chapter 7: Additional Institution Components

The book also contains useful checklists, a quick reference guide, sample policies and procedures, and a listing of additional violence prevention resources. Additionally, TSG Solutions offers the following Threat Assessment and Management Team services:

  • Team Strategic Planning Services
  • Team Training Services
  • Team Seminars and Conferences
  • Case-Specific Consultative Services
  • Community Outreach Services
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Data Management Planning Services